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A cookie is a very small text file that may be placed on your system upon logging on to Vampire Bloodlust (along with most other websites). This file serves as your identification and is soley yours. the cookie can only be read by the server that gave it to you. Cookies tell us that you have returned to a specific web page on Vampire Bloodlust along with helping us track your preferences and transactional habits. The basic function of cookies is to help our server remember who you are.

Personal Information:
Vampire Bloodlust registration requires you to input some personal information. Your IP address is logged and monitored on this site. This information is only available to staff and used for administration and monitoring purposes.Your information will not be sold or used on any other site.
Your password is created and used by you to login to your account. We protect our users passwords with care using encryption in the database to secure them. But we cannot guarentee their safety, if in the unlikely event of unauthorized access to the database, we cannot be blamed for the loss of accounts/passwords.

If you are under 13 years of age, you must ask permission from your parent/guardian before signing up to Vampire Bloodlust. If we get contacted informing us that you have not recived permission you will get your account deleted.

This site contains areas where members voice their opinions, where ever this may be. We cannot take responsibility for this, all though we do moderate content on
Vampire Bloodlust, if you find anything which you find offense contact a member of staff. Also in the public areas there may be links to a external site, we do not moderate any of these external sites so we cannot be blamed for what it may contain.

We will not sell your passwords,emails or personal information.